Study in a Place Like Home

We know and appreciate how stressful finals week can be for students.  We also understand how difficult it can be to find a quiet place to study during this time in the semester.  With this in mind, we have created the program "Study in a Place Like Home."  We close our doors to external events, and open our common areas for the students to utilize to either study independently or in groups.  Our house offers options for study spaces such as cubbies, conference rooms, and comfortable couches.  We also provide some light snacks and beverages to help keep their brains energized and focused.  Although we are only able to offer all of the spaces and the refreshments during the period of finals, the house is open to students year-round if they wish to study here. 

Here are the hours for the study hours for Spring 2018

Saturday, 5/5/18 - 11am-11pm

Sunday, 5/6/18 - 11am-11pm

Monday, 5/7/18 - 8am-11pm

Tuesday, 5/8/18- 8am-11pm

Wednesday, 5/9/18- 8am-11pm

Thursday, 5/10/18- 8am-5pm

Finals studying